New Inspiration

Watch digital collage samples made by other persons to get inspiration. With all kinds of templates in Wonder Photo Studio, you can also make more attractive collages. Click the small picture to see a big one.    More>>
 V2.89 New Features
Apply 32-bit image processing technology
With 32-bit image processing technology, you can easily blend your photo into another backdrop perfectly , especially without any defect on border.
More professional drawn templates
With more professional drawn templates. Using simple click , you can design some professional photo collages immediately.
Shadow setting
You can easily set shadow to create collages with three-demensional effect.
Transparence adjusting

Using a simple slide-bar, you can adjust the transparency of your photo, making it easy to achieve the perfect artistic blend of photo and background image.

Providing some different output manners
You can save your artwork, and display it on the screen, or send it to your printer. Wonder Photo Studio even lets you turn your masterpiece into your Windows wallpaper, with just a single click.
With both big frames and subframes
You can not only add the build-in frames to your collage but also to one of the photos in your collage.

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